Unbekannt Amulet Pendentif Rahu/Véritable de Thaïlande/Pendentif Porte Bonheur/Pendentif Bouddha/en Direct des Temples/Thaïlande … B07FJWRTR9

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  • For protection, spirituality, intuition
  • Live from the temples of Thailand


Thai amulets enjoy a special spiritual influence inherited from ancient India and its neighboring country Cambodia. Each amulet is found in a history and their manufacture is transmitted from master to disciple. They exist in Thailand a large number of monks, of true master recognized in their powers of blessing. Thailand is also one of the cradles of Theravada Buddhism, the teachings of the Buddha are still alive today. Amulets also serve to transmit the Buddha's protection through the master to the disciple. Some amulets are really powerful and can bring a lot in people's lives by this power of being connected to the Buddha's grace. In Thailand it is normal to wear an amulet around his neck or to put an amulet in his car to avoid an accident. Taxis always have a lot of amulets hanging on their mirrors. It is not uncommon to see amulets in the shops to increase sales such as Nang Kwak or Kuman Thong. Thai amulets are powerful and precious objects. These are not mere images or representations of divinity or Buddha. But a real blessing for those who wear them. They transmit a force and power that amulets have received during ceremonies and sacred prayers. All our amulets come from the Thai temple and are blessed by a true monk and meditation master of the Theravada tradition. (Buddhist teachings) Each contains a vibration and a power of its own. Some favor love, success, wealth or protection. Depending on your destiny, they will help you and make you cross delicate passages more easily, spreading their grace and energy around you. Simple discreet pendant, these amulets will be the secret of some of your successes.